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Customers Micro Hoe Projects
check this page for pics of the Micro Hoe on our customers tractors.



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Terry has his hoe mounted on a Cub Cadet model 1872 Super Garden Tractor. Great Job Terry!

this Micro Hoe was built by David H. in Mertztown, PA on his Mitsubishi 15 HP compact 4WD. this tractor is very much like the Satoh 4WD below.

and another in the works by Glenn R. in Ontario, Canada
from Glenn's pic you can see just how close you can mount the Micro Hoe to the rear of your tractor. this is extremely important to maintain proper weight distribution, reduce unnecessary stress on the tractors frame and for easy maneuvering during transport. notice that the inboard side of the hoe frame is completely unobstructed which allows you to weld on just about any configuration of mounting flanges you need, whether you are using a solid mount or 3 point hitch arrangement.

here is Glenn's completed hoe (and loader) on the Bolens, great work Glenn !
Glenn is thinking about adding an "extend-a-hoe" option to his micro hoe, stay tuned for updates...

this Micro Hoe was built by Dale J. in Pleasant View, Utah for a Satoh 370 4X4 compact diesel
Dale J. is using his 3 point hitch for mounting with reinforced lower links

looking good Dale!