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The Micro Hoe for Garden Tractors
the Micro Hoe for garden tractors



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for more information and specifications.

the frame has been mounted 2" behind the rear wheels for good weight distribution and the seat on a turntable pivot. the foot rests are on either side of the control yoke.

when curled up for transport, the micro hoe extends only 31" off the back of the tractor, you won't have to worry about over stressing the rear axle of your tractor with this compact design. 

overall height of this backhoe is 74" including it's 7" of ground clearance. the front end loader also has 74" under a level bucket.

there is 8 ft of reach measured from the slew pivot joint.

this pic shows the 170 degrees of boom (slew) rotation.

this is one of the most important things to look for when deciding on a small backhoe design because you need to swing the boom over far enough to pile the dirt away from your digging area. in other words, "it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing".

the independant hydraulic stabilizers spread out to 7 feet 6 inches and can easily raise the tractor off the ground.


the stabilizers retract to a fully verticle position.
front end loader has 50 degree bucket roll down angle.

plans for both loader and backhoe are now available, click the plan ordering options link for details.

the hoe bucket can reach up to 7 feet measured to the bucket teeth.

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