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P.F. Engineering specializes in Backhoe plans and Front End Loader plans developed for use on garden tractors and compact tractors

serving do-it-yourself loader and backhoe builders since 1999






we have over 600 pics of our customers machines from 145 different builders around the world ready for you to browse with more being added as they arrive. 

feel free to use the Gallery Search feature to zero in on a particular make, model etc.






contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

specific product information on these implements and FAQ pages can be found here: 




the loaders and backhoes illustrated here are the perfect tools for the care and maintenance of your property and landscaping.

light and powerful, they are great for those hard to get at locations where a larger machine won't fit and are able to travel over lawn and landscaped areas with minimum ground compaction and surface damage.

our customers have been using their loaders to carry mulch, transfer stone and topsoil, clean out their barns, remove snow, and to lift and load heavy objects of all sorts onto their pick up trucks and trailers.

Likewise, the Micro Hoe can be used to dig trenches for electrical and water lines, irrigation and drainage systems, planting bushes and trees and for digging small ponds and water features, to name just a few of it's possible uses.

if you would like to build your own loader or backhoe, you've come to the right place. our CAD designs are professionally drawn, do-it-yourself friendly and priced right for your construction budget.

Don't forget, our plans make a great gift too!


all orders are shipped out the next business day. individual plans are sent by First Class mail and the combination sets ship by Priority Mail with an estimated delivery time of 2 to 3 business days.

international orders are sent by Air mail with an estimated delivery time of 4 to 7 days. 

every set of plans includes:

1. A full set of measured drawings showing each part of the loader/backhoe with material dimensions and location of all holes.

2. Bill of materials listing every piece of steel including square tubing, angle iron, bushing material, pins, etc so you know the exact size and quantity of what to purchase.

3. Full set of 3D assembly drawings to show you the loader/backhoe as a whole and exactly where each and every part goes with exploded views included of the more detailed sections.

4. Complete hardware bill of materials including all bolts, nuts, washers, pins, pipe fittings etc.

5. Complete hydraulics bill of materials, including the Suppliers name and their part number for each item with price listed for each item. included in this are the hydraulic cylinders, hose, hose fittings, control valve, pump, oil strainer unit, pulleys and so on.

6. Complete hydraulic schematics showing hydraulic cylinder placement and hose connections from the pump to the control valves to the cylinders.




Front Spindle Upgrade

if you are interested in a front spindle upgrade, we have a free design that will give you a 1000 lb capacity front end. this upgrade uses 1" spindles with tapered roller bearings and 4 bolt hubs with the complete materials costing approximately $ 115.

click "spindle upgrade" at the top of this page for details. 

we have really enjoyed speaking with many of you by phone and answering your questions by email.  to date we have loaders and backhoes under construction (or completed) in  all 50 U.S. states, all the Canadian provinces, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, Romania, Thailand, Norway, and Sweeden. 


we sincerely thank all those that have chosen the P.F. Engineering designs for their loader and backhoe projects and are looking forward to serving the needs of do-it-yourself  loader and backhoe builders into the years ahead.


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loader and backhoe plan packages

front end loader plan package $ 55 plus $ 5 shipping and handling.

Micro Hoe plan package $ 80 plus $ 5 shipping and handling

front end loader and Micro Hoe combination plan package $ 135 plus $ 10 shipping and handling.

our plan ordering options include credit card ordering by telephone, online ordering by credit card through PayPal and conventional mail ordering by Money Order. please click the "plan ordering options" link above for details.

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we now have international ordering available from our "plan ordering options" page. these PayPal links will automatically convert your funds to USD with secure online credit card payment.



Est. cost to build $ 1700
weight: 350 pounds
digging depth: 5.5 feet, with option for 6.5 ft.
reach: 8 feet
hydraulic stabilizer spread: 7-1/2 feet
boom swing: 170 degrees
bucket width: 10 inches
built in oil reservoir
spin on oil strainer element
proportioned hydraulics for simultaneous cylinder movements
without a pressure drop


Est. cost to build $ 1200 
weight: 325 pounds
lift capacity: well over 500 pounds
lift height to level bucket: 73 inches
bucket width: 42 to 54 inches
bucket capacity: .21 to .27 cubic yards
bucket roll down: 50 degrees at maximum lift
built in oil reservoir
spin on oil strainer element
joystick control option

We encourage you to compare our product specifications and prices to those offered elsewhere on the Web.

We are sure you'll agree that these are the best looking and performing implements you will find in this class.



P.F. Engineering
47 Pomeroy Lane
Amherst, MA 01002-2905

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click here for some great on-line calculators for figuring hydraulic cylinders speed, cylinder lifting capacity, speed of a driven pulley, etc
some of our customers machines

from the top down:

Craftsman owned by Dennis B. in Minneapolis, MN 

Gilson owned by Per S. in Langeland, Denmark

Simplicity owned by Don W. in Holland, Manitoba

Cub Cadet owned by David O. in Sparta, WI

Case owned by Tom B. in Merrimac, MA

WheelHorse owned by Burt T. in Hallowell, ME

Bolens owned by Brian C. in Ansonia, CT 

if you have any questions about anything you have seen here or regarding a loader or backhoe project you are considering, please feel free to contact us by email or phone. we do our best to answer all emails the same day.     


additional Micro Hoe pics and info